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Air Conditioning Boca Raton: Installation & Repair Services

For decades, Personalized Air Conditioning (PAC) has served Palm Beach and Broward Counties as a #1 AC Company. In addition to servicing and repairing AC units in Boca Raton, Delray, and Deerfield Beach, we also offer a wide range of brand new Air Conditioning options to anyone looking to install a unit or upgrade their existing unit for better coverage and efficiency.

Boca Raton

As anyone will attest to, high quality air conditioning makes a huge difference in the quality of your daily life. For those of us who prefer to sleep at a specific temperature, AC units have a big impact on the quality of your rest.

That's why we offer high end options to either service your existing unit or install and maintain a brand new state of the art model that is capable of producing high output cool air with less energy consumption, all while maintaining a quieter atmosphere with strong environmental pollution prevention.

Delray Beach

Our huge Delray Beach client base speaks for itself. When your AC starts to get too old, sputters, fails, makes too much noise, or stops cooling efficently, we are here to help you repair your existing unit or replace it with a new unit that will bring you supreme results and keep your family cool.

That's why we offer quick, efficient services and repairs, as well as new, high-end, affordable Delray Beach Air Conditioning options so that when you are ready to install a brand new state of the art model that is capable of producing high output cool air with less energy consumption, all while maintaining a quieter atmosphere with strong environmental pollution prevention, we can help.

Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach residents understand the value of a good AC unit. We offer an array of affordable, quality cooling options. You may choose to service or repair your existing unit or install and maintain a brand new AC unit that is capable of producing better results with less energy consumption, that is quieter. Whatever you choose, we will help guide you on what will work best for your home or office.

Here are the specs on one of our best sellers:

EcoTemp Monarch Series

18 SEER With Variable-Speed Technology

Introducing The Monarch Series

The new Monarch Series is a fantastic model that utilizes variable speed technology to provide intensely quiet, consistently reliable, and very cost-efficient comfort for your home. The Monarch Series achieves up to 18 SEER, which translates (in laymans terms) to much higher efficiency and significantly less operating costs than those lower SEER systems. This means your family can stay comfortable through every season, all while you save a ton on energy bills. A win-win!

The new Monarch Series provides quiet, reliable and cost efficient air conditioning comfort for your home in Boca, Delray, and Deerfield. You can learn a ton more about the specifications of this EcoTemp Monarch Series brand using our Gem-U Training program.
monarch series Air Conditioner Supremely Efficient

Don't be fooled by lesser models. The variable-speed technology in our Monarch series maintains consistent comfort levels regardless of season or outdoor conditions. It does this by utilizing more energy when required and less energy when not needed. By fluctuating the operating speeds rather than running at a constant level, the Monarch Series saves a bunch of high cost energy by maximizing the lower speed operations (meaning it only uses only what's necessary) while maintaining the set consistent temperature inside your home. With 18 SEER capability, you could save hundreds of dollars per year on your energy bills, meaning that the unit quickly begisn to pay for itself, allowing you to have your cool air and easily afford it too.
family in boca raton Intelligent Control

From smart phones to smart interior controls, intelligent systems are the future of tech. The Monarch Series has an intelligent control system that monitors and adjusts the output capacity, allowing your indoor temperature to remain at the desired setting without the energy consuming fluctuations that mar other units efficiency. Its evaporating temperature control then manages the humidity levels in the indoor air, adjustiung in order to provide greater air comfort and improve indoor air quality. The Monarch Series also features a high dehumidification setting if you prefer to keep the indoor air comfortably dry, even in high humidity regions.

New Boca Raton Air Conditioner


Remarkably Quiet

Noise is a huge factor when it comes to a good AC unit. You don't want to have to hear your air conditioner making a ton of noise, and you don't want to have your neighbors hear it either. The Monarch Series uses Silent Technology to deliver quiet sound levels as low as 56dB, which is up to 50% less noise than a standard home comfort system. You will notice the difference, and your neighbors will as well.

Special silent blade technology provides a feature called vortex suppression that reduces the sound of airflow exiting the air conditioner, consistently maintaining low noise levels even in high speed operation. the insulated compressor compartments minimize the operating noise with innovative, industry-leading internal amd external materials and sound-isolating compressor mounts.

The Monarch Series by EcoTemp was designed with affordable comfort in mind.

Now every family can afford a luxury home comfort system regardless of your budget. The Monarch Series provides high quality energy efficiency, up to 18 SEER, for much less than you would spend for other high efficiency type systems.

Monarch Standard & Extended Warranty

The standard Monarch warranty covers parts for the first five years from the date of installation to the original end user.
A replacement outdoor unit will be provided if the compressor is confirmed defective during the first (1) year of installation.
A replacement outdoor unit will be provided if the outdoor coil is confirmed as having a non-repairable leak in the condenser area during the first five (5) years of installation.
Homeowner can refer to the limited warranty information in the owners documentation supplied with the equipment.

Extended Warranty Info

The AIG warranty extends the parts only warranty to 10 years from the date of installation. No Labor or Trip coverage. $75 homeowner deductible for the extended coverage period (6 to 10 years).

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All of our pool heaters come with a 2-5 years parts and labor warranty. Some have extended warranties on the compressor.

How long to install

If you are replacing a pool heater it can take up to 4 hrs, if it is a new installation it can take up to 7 hours.

Why buy it From Us and Not your pool guy?

All electric pool heaters are basically air conditioners with a few more items. We are the only ones allowed to warranty them; it just makes sense to buy directly from us.

What Size do I need?

All field managers, technicians, and office staff can assist you on determining load requirements for a proper sized pool.

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